Dojo Vidcast: Episode 5 – {T}oo Much {T}adow

It’s time again for the latest and greatest in Altitude video blabbering blogging. Fans should be happy to know this is the last of the ‘older recordings,’ meaning from now on you can expect the commentary and video to come from a spectating perspective!

In this episode: Neut goes back in time, we see what happens when {T}adow overflows a server, Quenlar is unstoppable, and we all ramble on for way too long!

Special thanks to Jazz, Quenlar, and Neutenheimer for their commentary once again. From now on, the podcast will be nearly all spectate-only.

Thanks for watching! If you would like to get more involved, feel free to contact us in-game or join the Ball Dojo Facebook group.

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4 thoughts on “Dojo Vidcast: Episode 5 – {T}oo Much {T}adow

  1. soccernamlak says:

    Few things:

    1) I’m glad you’re going to spectate-only mode for recording. Bit sad with this vidcast not being able to see that many of the goals.

    2) I mentioned to Krawz, but you might want to post date/time you’ll be doing these. Or let me know. Because I missed out on this one 😦

    3) Too much {T}. And {T}eam loses as is tradition.

    4) There is no spoon.

    • krawz says:

      Seeing as how Dojo disciples are not paid for contributions, I will accept fan created content on any type of schedule. 🙂 I don’t ever want it to feel like a job.

      Btw, what do you have against spoons? I find them useful on a daily basis. Is it their general ineffectiveness when used as weapons?

    • E.M. says:

      The Tick disagrees!

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