New Map: Cliff!

Check out Cliff, by Nikon!  New in the Dojo map list and rotation.


5 thoughts on “New Map: Cliff!

  1. soccernamlak says:

    I’ve played a few times on this map so far. It’s interesting to say the least. Not sure yet if it’ll hold up long term. Games have gone either way: really quick or really slow when 6v6. Lot’s of good spots for thermo, mines, and acid though.

    • krawz says:

      I like it so far. The secret room with the disco ball and breakdancing hippopotamus is hilarious, but can be distracting at times.

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  2. E.M. says:

    I may have to look into mapmaking if Nikon is just going to use the same old tired layouts with slight variations. At this point I would almost take another swarm map than yet another cave-grotto mashup. I said *almost*.

    • krawz says:

      What I have found is that there are very few fundamentally different map designs for ball that will provide the same level of flow, balance and fun that veteran ball players have come to expect. You can make a wildly unique and creative ball map, but after you implement a few incremental changes to address complaints about gameplay issues, you will often suddenly find that you have just ended up recreating ball_grotto, only with different colors.

      I guess it’s kind of like changing the shape of a basketball court or hockey rink to make it a fresh experience. It may be fresh, but if it’s too different it won’t be the same sport, and while people may initially enjoy the “fresh” factor, frustration sets in quickly and the original design is restored.

      That’s what I observed when having my stint with designing maps (risk, sideshow).

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    • E.M. says:

      needs more sideshow!

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