He’s soooo Jazzy!

Please welcome the new proprietor of the Ball Dojo:  Jazz!

I won’t be able to give the amount of attention to Dojo that you all deserve, so Jazzy will be taking the reins. I’m confident that Jazz and crew will continue to provide the same quality of play that you’ve come to expect. I’ve encouraged him to continue relying on child labor to keep expenses down and have also provided him with a huge reserve of unicorn blood. As you may know, unicorn blood is the most important part of server uptime.

P.S. – I’ll still be playing!

Hugs and kisses,

~ krawz


4 thoughts on “He’s soooo Jazzy!

  1. soccernamlak says:

    While I am sad to see you step down from the head of Dojo krawz, I am happy with the choice of Jazz to continue keeping Dojo running as smoothly as it has been. Thank you for all the work that you’ve put into this server krawz. And I am always willing to help wherever needed to make sure Jazz’s transition is filled with my antics…I mean is smooth without issue.

  2. gflare says:

    Thanks for all the support of Altitude Krawz, and hopefully you’ll be a regular sight on the server for quite awhile. I whole-heartily agree with Jazz as a suitable replacement owner, he’ll hold down the fort for awhile.

    As for this site, will you still be active with the updates and postings? I’d recommend giving Jazz and Myself permissions to actively post (and review) so we can continue to keep it updated if you happen to take an extended break.

    I recorded a few games last night, and I’m catching up on episode 10 as I type up this comment (it’s just compressing in the background). Keep your eyes peeled for new dojo nubcasts!… erm… Vidcasts!

  3. elusive_one says:

    Long live krawz, and may the reign of Jazz be prosperous!

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