Summertime Update

Hello fellow Dojo Players!

A quick update regarding everything going on in Dojo-Land.  I’m working on a few things on my end to try and bring in the return of Vidcasts to the site.  A few of our members have been working and updating custom maps for our server.  And possibly a few other changes in the near future.

I would like to hear your feedback, however, regarding the current state of Dojo.  What do you like? What needs to change?  New map suggestions to add to the server? New rotation pattern? Auto-Kick Gflare every 5th death?  Give me your words, and I my ear.  Together we can continue making Dojo home amongst a sea of Ledows and Pineapples.


3 thoughts on “Summertime Update

  1. gflare says:

    Autokicking me after 5 deaths would overload the server. I think it should be a 5 minute ban. Or better yet… Wait until the map is over, then ban a minute for each death! Wow, I’d be perma-banned….

  2. E.M. says:

    my biggest gripe, is the auto-join time. I rage enough as it is, so you can probably imagine my reaction when I look at up the server and see “14/12” after being on auto-join for 30 minutes. Would it be feasible to do something like what ladder does? Have the capacity for more than 12 people but still having 6v6 games. Probably not needed 7 days a week but could be useful on weekends.

    • soccernamlak says:

      Since your suggestion is one I’ve been considering for a while EM….

      Right now we have a 12 slot server. The reason we can get 13 or 14 players in is for admins. Makes sense so admins can join at anytime to moderate. For the current server, the cost is about $15: $3 base charge + $1/slot. It’s a monthly, 3 month, or 6 month contract. So to increase to say 20 slots wouldn’t be done on just a weekend. That also would mean more $ per month that Jazz would need to contribute.

      That being said, Harm said his workplace offers free hosting so long as we provide the equipment. I need to talk with Jazz more about this, but if we can get a reliable free host through one of our Dojo members, then we could run a 24/24 server for free. The key here is “reliable:” I don’t want to have to deal with server-side ping spikes or connection problems.

      If this is the case, then it’s an email away to Aki, who helps with coding for the ladder server. We’d implement just a random 6v6 in the style we have now, and that way we could have more people join in while maintaining the Dojo atmosphere.

      Anyway, this is on the top of my to-do list for dojo, because I really don’t want a Dojo2, and I really don’t want people to have to wait for an hour to get in.

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