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He’s soooo Jazzy!

Please welcome the new proprietor of the Ball Dojo:  Jazz!

I won’t be able to give the amount of attention to Dojo that you all deserve, so Jazzy will be taking the reins. I’m confident that Jazz and crew will continue to provide the same quality of play that you’ve come to expect. I’ve encouraged him to continue relying on child labor to keep expenses down and have also provided him with a huge reserve of unicorn blood. As you may know, unicorn blood is the most important part of server uptime.

P.S. – I’ll still be playing!

Hugs and kisses,

~ krawz


New Map: Warehouse!

Check out Warehouse, by Nikon!  Now on Dojo, along with other map rotation tweaks!


New Map: Cliff!

Check out Cliff, by Nikon!  New in the Dojo map list and rotation.


Ninjas Mostly Knit at Night

soccernamlak has joined the ranks of the Dojo ninjas!

When not actively engaged in ninja-craft, soccernamlak enjoys brewing herbal tea, knitting and pickpocketing the elderly.

That’s my theory, anyway.

Dojo Ninjas

Dojo admins will henceforth be referred to as Dojo ninjas. Why?

Why not?

Thank you, that is all.

Top Dojo Executives Implicated in Map Rotation Scandal

Top-level Dojo executives have been named as the criminal masterminds behind what officials are calling “The most inconsequential map rotation scandal in Altitude gaming history”.  Continue reading


Wanted: Dojo War Correspondents

Submit your funny, informative or creative writing, in-game screenshots, new maps, screencasts (etc).  If it’s Altitude-related, in good taste and adds something to the site, I want it!  I also like cookies and penguins; not eating penguins, mind you, just in general.  Then again, I’m open to trying new things.

I can has admin? Yes, u can!

Moving forward, admin positions will be rotated on an as-needed basis in order to keep admin slots filled with active players.
Please note, this is not a punish/reward system.   Continue reading


New Maps: Coal, Desolate & Reef!

Check out 3 new maps from Nikon!  Coal, Desolate and Reef.  Now votable in the Dojo map list.  The map list and map rotation have both been updated with several changes.


Dojo Now on Facebook

Join the new Dojo Facebook group and start up some good old fashioned smack-talk!  No cybering, please.