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Need Input

Right. Here’s the deal with Dojo updates. I talked with Jazz this evening about increasing number of players able to connect to Dojo. One of the options we did have was free hosting at Harmonica’s workplace. From what I’ve been told, it would be fast and durable. Downsides: Harm would be our tech support (which isn’t 24/7 and he’s drunk half the time ūüėÄ ) AND we’d have to provide our own hardware. We’re using a quad core server right now. I’ve got a PowerPC that I could donate, but I don’t know if that will be enough.

So unless anyone has a server rack they’re done with, that won’t really be a viable option. The second (and more likely) option is bumping up the connections in Dojo. Before I go into my questions, Jazz wanted to reiterate that maintaining the current atmosphere in Dojo is our #1 priority: basically, we don’t want to screw it up for the sake of more people connected at once. If people have to wait an hour, so be it. That being said…

If we bump up the number of connected players,

1) What should be the max slots? 14? 16? 20? 32? My suggestion was 20. Jazz thinks that’s a bit high and said 16 would suffice.

2) Method to implement control to ensure 6v6 games. What are your guys ideas on it?

Personally, I would see if I can get Aki to donate some code in setup. The idea would be a ladder-ish setup. I’d still try to keep the voting rotation open. Everyone who joined (not just spec) could vote. 12 players randomly selected and sorted via Altitude’s generic sorting system (as we have now). Tournament mode initiated. Others sent to spectate.

The only downsides I can see is tournament mode would be on to ensure 6v6. Which hurts if someone leaves mid-game. But that might be the cost of doing business. The other issue would be trying to implement a ladder system without it becoming ladder. Dojo should not be Ladder for People Who Don’t Like Ladder.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Suggestions? Or is this just a waste of time and we should be content on what we have?

– soccernamlak


Summertime Update

Hello fellow Dojo Players!

A quick update regarding everything going on in Dojo-Land. ¬†I’m working on a few things on my end to try and bring in the return of Vidcasts to the site. ¬†A few of our members have been working and updating custom maps for our server. ¬†And possibly a few other changes in the near future.

I would like to hear your feedback, however, regarding the current state of Dojo.  What do you like? What needs to change?  New map suggestions to add to the server? New rotation pattern? Auto-Kick Gflare every 5th death?  Give me your words, and I my ear.  Together we can continue making Dojo home amongst a sea of Ledows and Pineapples.